Skill Development Program

In Skill Development Program, Assessment must be replaced with DEMONSTRATION

As we all know, in any skill development process after trainingcompletion the next step happens to be “Assessment” which is one of the major mistakes being done from the very beginning of this initiative. 

Let’s have a look at some of the points which indicate, it should be “Demonstration” in the place of “Assessment”:-
  • This is all about a Training Program but not about Teaching.
  • The main objective of our skill development mission is employment of the students at the end of the training.
  • In this placement linked program students have to demonstrate; what skill they acquired or added with their core values at the end of the training and OJT.
  • They have to prove their employability skill by showing or demonstrating their practical knowledge which will instantly support them in being employed self or salaried.
  • The present assessment process is just like our regular or traditional examination which will never support the candidates to manifest their real practical knowledge or skill on their respective trade.
So it’s high time to stop this defective process of Assessment and start the right process that is “Demonstration”.

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