Skill Development Program

Right TRAINING Process of Skill Development Program

Training, the most important part of any skill development process needs to be focused seriously by the government, concerned authorities, and implementing agencies. Almost all the skill development training organizations are only imparting training classes at their respective training centers. But it is needed that the training programs must be accompanied with the term development. So it should be “Training and Development” sessions. 


Generally it has four major parts:
WHO (Trainer): Good trainers are very much needed who must be aware of not only their core topic but the concept “how to train “is more important for them. By going through regular ToT sessions, they can fine tune their training quality.  
WHOM (Trainee):  Their only duty is to be engaged at the training program actively and attentively with all the seriousness.  
WHERE (Training Environment): The place of training program should be a training friendly environment which would allow both the trainer and the trainees to go ahead in the training program with many interactive sessions.
HOW (Equipment): The training room (lab/theory) must be well equipped with all the required equipment. Here trainees should be placed in such a way by which they can interact face to face with the trainer as well as the other trainees too.
HOW (Method): Training is not about the trainer standing at one point of the class and delivering speech which is being adopted at most of the training centres. Rather the training sessions must be interactive and more and more concentration to be given on practical sessions. Trainees must go through various topic based seminars, workshops, and projects.
Above all the VAST (Value Addition Skill Training) method must be adopted by the government and Implementing Agencies for the complete skill training of the trainees.



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